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Ashton here! I wanted to tell you guys about an incredible book I have been reading, The More of Less. It has truly given me a new perspective on life and what is important to me.

First, I want to tell you about the book and then I will tell you about how we are currently applying it to our lives.

About the book:

The More of Less is written by Joshua Beker. I have always read about minimalism, but Beker has a way of putting it that just really sticks with me. He does a great job of putting into perspective the amount of things people own but yet they don’t need or don’t use. This is what caused me to want to apply this minimalism living to my own life.

I started looking around the house and it gave me anxiety at the amount of things we possess that we don’t use on a daily basis. We are just holding onto them “in case” we find a need for them one day. A NEED. That gets me to the next part… there are sooo many things in our home that we don’t NEED. Place mats, extra vases for the few times a year we buy fresh flowers, stationary, extra tuberware, the list goes on and on… and on! It is overwhelming. Josh felt the same way and one day he decided to do something about it. Within six months, he and his wife had gotten rid of 50% of the items they owned, how motivating!

I was ready to start doing this to our life. I would get so excited each day I read a new chapter and couldn’t wait to share it with mom. Beker gives examples of each generation and why they feel the need to possess so many items so it was interesting to see why my mom wants to keep her items and why I keep mine. He puts into perspective truly how the buying market is thrown into our faces daily. I refuse to be sucked into the trap. And mom does too. We do decide to purge and yes I mean purge our basement.

How we applied it:

An entire room in our basement was dedicated to tubs full of sentimental items, items we may need one day, and items we would never use. We started with around 30 plastic tubs and knocked that number right down to 7. That was huge! I am so proud of my mom for getting rid of the things she had been holding onto for so long… including the crib bedding I had as a baby. How did we do it you ask? As Beker says, you MUST touch every single item in your home. When you are holding it in your hand, ask yourself, does this item truly bring joy into my life? This was a game changer for us and it really gave us the push we needed to get rid of the stuff that in fact did not bring us joy.

Once we got rid of a lot of things we didn’t need, we felt relief! I can’t wait to do this to other areas of our home, even if it is just the junk drawer in the kitchen.

There are so many benefits to becoming a minimalist and we can’t wait to experience them. We won’t be spending our weekends “cleaning out” or trying to organize, we can spend them doing things that bring us joy!

I cannot recommend The More of Less… more! Ha! You must read this book to truly get a glimpse at what benefits this lifestyle will bring.

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