Keeping Your Dog’s Nose & Paws Moisturized Naturally + COUPON


I just started noticing that Taz and Lucky have been having rather dry noses and paws. I have been trying to consciously make better decisions on the things I put in and on my body and I am wanting to do the same for my fur babies! Natural seems to be the way to go these days and I have seen products at pet stores that had too many ingredients in them I couldn’t pronounce.. so that is probably not a good sign!

I recently came across the Natural Dog Company and was blown away by the results that these pups were getting from the products. So I wanted to give it a shot!

The Natural Dog Company products are all:

  • Organic, all-natural, vegan, safe, edible
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Safe to use on all animals – even humans!

Those are all EXTREMELY important things to me so I purchased two of their products.

I ordered the Paw Soother and the Snout Soother.

The results that I saw were instant and very satisfying. I could see the moisture going onto their paws and noses as soon as I began to apply the product. I could smell the natural ingredients (which I loved) as I was rubbing my pup’s noses and paws. They didn’t seem to mind too much either.

I was blown away by the difference after using this product, don’t  hesitate so see the results on your pup! Be sure when you place your order to use our coupon code (ourendlessjourney10) for 10% off!



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