Kayaking With Your Dog And How To Keep Them Safe On The Water


I recently bought a kayak to kick start some kayak adventures. I only kayak for short recreational trips or on our small lake at home. Since most of the things we do seem to be around water it made sense to purchase my own.

One thing I noticed immediately before purchasing was that there was a place for our fur babies to sit and enjoy the time on the water as well. We have two sable colored Pomeranians, Taz & Lucky. Lucky clings to my mom’s side while we call Taz the nomad because he loves whoever plays with him and wants to cuddle with him in the morning. Let’s be honest, he loves me the most. They really love being outside even though they are thick balls of fur living in Alabama.

I wanted to give you a couple of safety tips while kayaking with your fur baby and a suggestion on a life jacket for them.

Safety first! 

  1. Never tie your dog to your kayak in ANYWAY! If you attach your dog to your kayak and you capsize for any reason it could end up being fatal for your pup. They need to be able to get away and out from under your kayak just as you would.

  2. Always ensure they have a flotation device on them.. A.K.A a life jacket! You never know what kind of situation you may find yourself and your pup in and if they were to get injured in any way or panic after falling in the water they may not be able to keep themselves afloat. Having a life jacket on them will insure they won’t be going under water on your watch.

I purchased two of the NRS CFD – Dog Life Jacket to ensure the pups would float if they were to ever fall in. Yes, I know, dogs can swim but they have so much hair, I thought they may actually sink if they fell in. Not to mention if they were injured, this will help them stay afloat. I wanted our babies to be safe no matter what.

The life jackets have three straps that wrap around the dog. There are two that run under their belly and strap on the opposite side and one that runs around the neck to ensure their heads stay out of the water. The straps can be adjusted according to how large your dog is.

Test.. Test… On our first run, Taz decided to leap from my kayak mid lake! We have a turtle “statue” in the lake that helps us keep track of the water depth and Taz seems to think it is real. While turning around at the turtle, Taz thought he would jump out to meet Mr. Turtle and boy did he ever! His entire body went under water and he shot right back up like a buoy. I was so relieved to see that these work wonderfully. The pups don’t seem to mind having them on and it gives us a peace of mind while we are out on the water.



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