How to Safely & Effectively Eliminate Geese from Your Yard


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When we moved into the new house we were absolutely giddy over our view. We couldn’t believe that we got to wake up to everyday to look outside to a wonderful lake view. It is a small lake, but a lake all the same. One thing we did not expect was the “honking” of a goose or geese non-stop on a daily and early morning basis. The geese were not that bad, but the “droppings” they left in our yard was becoming a major issue. Nasty droppings all over my entire acre! It was gross and unsanitary. I love all animals, I really do, but something had to give.

Several friends and family told us to use moth balls but that could have caused health problems for the geese if not death. Not an option. Having two small dogs we didn’t want anything harmful spread around the yard that could hurt them as well. We had to find a humane and pet friendly alternative. That is when we found this very creepy, realistic coyote, which happens to be a predator to Canadian geese. 100% fake, no smells, no chemicals, just a big rubber, wind flowing coyote. It took about 2 minutes to set up once out of the box.  You place a stake in the ground, which is provided, and attach the coyote. It will move in the breeze to give it a more realistic look. The first 3 days, not one goose. 4th day, Geese were in the yard. Not near the coyote, but in the yard. We changed the position a little and put it more towards the middle of the yard and closer to the water. So far, 1 month later, zero geese. We have not seen or heard them in just as long. They avoid our yard completely. WOW is all I can say. It was the easiest thing we have ever done to get rid of this gross problem and we did it without harming the geese. Our pups would run up to the coyote for the first week or so and now they ignore him completely.

We purchased the Bird-X Coyote 3-D Predator Replica Visual Scare for Bird and Pest Control from Amazon.




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