The Best Hiking Boots for Women on Short & Long Hikes


Merrell Women’s Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot
Merrell Capra Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

When we first started hiking, the first thing I knew that I would need was good pair of hiking shoes. My main concern wasn’t getting tired, injured, etc. while hiking but more that my feet would start hurting and end my hike sooner than I wanted. After researching a few different brands and ended up settling on Merrell as my beginner boot. I have always heard great things about Merrell shoes and for the most part they are affordable and most sites like, and any of your local outdoor stores will have sales that will include Merrell.

I ordered the Merrell Women’s Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot and after 3 years, I have not been let down. This was an incredible boot from day one. The first time hiking in them was like I had worn the boots for years. There was no need to break them in and my feet felt great after our 3 mile trek. Even today these boots feel great. The longest I have walked in these boots is 8+ miles and no issues. I have noticed if I wear them for long distance walks on concrete (shopping, lunch, errands) they tend to start hurting my feet after several hours. However, when I stick with good ole dirt and natural terrain, I have no problem.

As far as the fit goes, they run true to size. I am able to wear a semi-thick hiking sock and they fit like a glove.

Overall I would highly recommend the Merrell Women’s Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot.  The other hiking boot that I can also recommend is the Merrell Capra Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot. Both of these boots are comfortable and come in a variety of colors.

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