Colorado Springs, Colorado

Travel has been a passion of mine from an early age. My mom made sure that I had experiences more than I had things. I am so thankful for this in more ways than I can count. One of my first trips was to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was only 16 at the time and it lit a fire in me for the outdoors that is hard to explain.

A little bit about Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs sits at an elevation of 6,035 ft., and is located on the eastern foot of the Rocky Mountains. It lies near Pikes Peak, which has a cog railway leading to its 14,114-ft. summit. The city’s Garden of the Gods park features iconic red-sandstone formations and mountain views all around. For some reason, since Colorado Springs is south of Denver, I didn’t think I would have as much of an issue with the altitude…I was wrong. It took me about 4 days to get to where I was comfortable. It might not take some of you as long, but it was at least 4 days for me.

Garden of the Gods

Our fist day we drove to the Garden of the Gods for a little exploring. Just to wander in an out of these giant rock formations was really neat. There are rock climbers everywhere and talk about cool to watch, these guys & gals really know what they are doing. You wont catch me dangling from a mountain any time soon. We arrived shortly before sunset, had to time to walk around and see most everything and then drive to a good location down the road to watch the sun set. Really incredible.

Pike’s Peak

Pikes Peak was next on our list. It is a short drive from downtown Colorado Springs. The drive up is a little unnerving, so be careful and watch the road! I drove up and then had someone else drive back down so I could look at the views. Talk about breathtaking, these were some of the best long-range views I have ever seen. I was told that people actually bike this mountain. You are all my heroes to whom ever can do that. My hat is off to you. The mountain was closed at 12,o00 feet due to snow, so we did not get to see the top, regardless the views were stunning. The next time we go we are going to ride the Cog Railway all the way to the top! No driving or daring cliffs, just sit back and enjoy the views and the ride.

Where to Stay

We were so fortunate that this trip was on the tail end of a business trip for my mom. We were able to stay in a resort that otherwise would not have been able to enjoy. The Cheyenne Mountain Resort is located at the base of the Cheyenne Mountain. Amazing scenery from every angle of this place. The rooms were nice, beds were very comfortable and the service and staff were wonderful. I can recommend this place without hesitation.

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