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Master Bath Vanity Make-Over

Let me start off by saying that our home is an older home. Not in a cute, it has a ton of charm older. I’m talking about 1979, everything needs painting, replacing and updating older home. Popcorn ceilings, horrible tile everywhere and what hardwood floors we do have…


DIY – Adding A Little Christmas to Every Room

      I always love this time of the year. The smells, the colors, the food, and most of all the holiday decor! It always seems to make a house cozier. I know that adding a little Christmas something to every room can be a bit pricey so that…


Annie Sloan Dining Table to Double Desk Make-Over

    When we moved into the new house, we wanted to have a designated area that we could call our office. The former owners used the area we liked as a dining area, but the space was much too small for a true dining room. There is a bay…


How to make your deck look new again!

      We moved into a new home recently and one of the first things that needed to be done was stain/restore the front and back porch. It was gray, molded and looked disgusting. This was going to be the place where we spent the majority of our…


How to Safely & Effectively Eliminate Geese from Your Yard

      When we moved into the new house we were absolutely giddy over our view. We couldn’t believe that we got to wake up to everyday to look outside to a wonderful lake view. It is a small lake, but a lake all the same. One…